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Project street/race s10

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I purchased this s10 prior to covid so not much got done at all. Most everything done is cosmetic.
I purchased the s10 from a guy selling it for his daughter, it was advertised as a 2003 ended up being a 2000 my bad for NOT checking.

The night it was towed home, 2.2 blown headgasket, GM 4l60e new from chevy, truck is wet in pic

Removed the center console and separated the seats and added a floor shifter and console.

I found a Cervini hood locally at a good price

Since I have 3 sets of C5 wagon wheels I decided to put them on as well.

I went to my favorite salvage yard to pick up an 8.8 but was lured into the s10 section only to find the 8.5 big 10 bolt complete well come on guys you know I got busy with a quickness!

Got it home for a bath

Then some semi gloss black paint

Then rolled it out to the s10 for the instal

Of course the rotors and pads were shot so I had to put on some slotted and drilled rotors yes I forgot to put a few new studs in.....

It is time for a little body work since the bed has the damage hardest to repair (for me) that is....

Bumper pulled off.
I tried to use a stud welder but the crease was just not working with me so I did 3 spots and let it set for almost a year lol
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BTW, I don't know if you noticed, the 8.8 passenger side axle and tube is 3 1/16" longer than the driver side...
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^^^ Excellent! It appears that you are a pro... (y)
Years = Knowledge!

You learn how to use a wrench so you don't bust your knuckles...
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^^^ Good point...
I have done numerous "budget" upgrades using all GM parts that are direct bolt ins on many of my (8) S10s, including a few Chevy LUVs
Just have to know interchanges and source the right parts.
Everything from sway bar upgrades to disc brakes, posi choices, trans swaps - blah blah blah.
Anyway, good to see that you are at least making (slow PIA) progress.
Projects usually run into unexpected BS.
Axle swap looks good!
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