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[Project] Slow Steps

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OK, heres my new project thread. i will begin where i left off before the big forum crash.
Both notches are done now and i bolted the axle back in and im going to cut whatever else i need to lay it out fully. i started triming out the fenders and cut the driveshaft tunnel out for clearance. tomorrow i am going to notch out the crossmembe. for the driveshaft to clear.
Heres a bunch of pictures.

Bagged in front:

Both notches done:

and thats about how much i have pictures uploaded for, there are plenty more in my photobucket. click it here: http://s77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/cpolaris502/99 Blazer/

if you guys want to see anything specific that i didnt post in here again just let me know. i have tons of pictures.
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Looks Good!

Dam sucks your old thread is gone.......... Good luck with the new one man....Any e.t. till its done?
dang i likes your thread. im to lazy to redo mine. ill post some pics once im done. keep ur progress rolling man. i love your blazer.
hey do u have drop spindles or did u just dehump the lowers to lay on the smaller tires?
thansk for all the replies, my last thread wasnt completly gone but it only had about 10 posts in it lol.

eta im hoping just a few weeks, i figure im halfway done right now.

i have drop spindles. look for updated tonight.
ok, sorry no new pics from tonight but i have some from yesterday.
yesterday we cut out the floor for the driveshaft and i started cutting out the fenders in the rear for the tires. then today we cut out the crossmember for the driveshaft and let it down lower, its laying a lot harder now but there is stil more cutting left.

heres all of yesterdays pictures

this kinda sucks but it wont be a problem

its a little lower now

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looks bad ass bro....i cant wait till im bagged.
and some more little notes:
i gusseted my gas tank crossmember bars that i weled in and it made them a lot stronger and i also had to trim down the diff brackert because it was hitting the g-tank crossmember pretty good.
looks good how close were u to laying without the drop spindles?
it was laying inners and the front at the same time, but heavier on the inners. and ihave a smaller tire than what is on it in that pic with just the front bagged.
well i have a 4 door jimmy and im going to be running a 205 50 15 you think i will lay with dehumped lowers or just be close?
you may not even need to dehump, that tire is smaller than mine. the most important thing i had to do was notch the lca mounts for the arm to travel farther, that is what i used to lay on before i got the spidles and did all of the extra work.
thats exactly what i needed to hear thanx man
lookin good love seeing bagged blazers
this is not good, im getting into video games more and im spending way too much time on the PC/ps2 and not in the garage. i need something to get me motivated to get out there a lot more.
anybody got some good motivation pics/videos/comments?

heres some for ya man..Winter does suck cause you have no motivation to go out to the garage and freeze your balls off.Keep at it though...it'll all pay off come spring/summer time!!!!
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come on man... im anxious to see this thing finished *thumbs up*
alright ive finally beenout there putting more time into it today. cut out the fenders and i measured the axle height from the ground with the axle all the way up into the notch and i will be able to fit a 245/35/20 with about 1/2 inch to spare so im excited about that. when i first did the notch i wasnt sure if i did it high enough to clear but now i know for sure. I pulled the front seats out and got the carpet moved out of the way, i was surprised at how much i had to cut for the driveshaft, i cut it even farther than before.

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lookin great.

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