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Project SHTMUP

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hey everyone hows it goin. well its been awhile since i have been on here. i am in the process of building a 96 2 door s10 blazer. things getting done are sfbd, 22s all around, keeping my back seat (.5 inches higher than stock), dice suspension and 8 inch cylinders front and back, accujuice from arron hunt with e level on it. ill have alot more pics of it up in the next week. right now im waiting on the new rendering to get done and ill start posting pics up as well..... so far the frame is done and set up for the 22s. link is done and half my body and inner sheet metal work is done. looking to have it rolling and lifting on its own power for summer madness then itll be down till either all star event then ill drive it to tn from cali or sema if i can get a place for it there.
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yay another juicin' it build!! looking forward to pics also
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