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Project: shes going down SFBD

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To start things off this is my first thread and first sfbd. i bought this truck with full intentions to bodied it asap and build it to be reliable enough to daily it except for in snow. i will put heat and a/c in it and lay on a 20/22 combo. i bought the truck 3 weeks before christmas and drove it for a couple weeks then tore it apart and started buying parts. heres what i started with and were its at now.


then put some 18s on it i had laying around

parts ive bought so far
sd firewall tubs

sd chrome lowers, sd pc silver uppers and dom 2500w/ sd cups

sd 3 link pc silver

sd behind and under rear kit w/ dom 2600

LSOH steering kit

8 gallon aluminum tank, 8 smc 3/8" valves and a avs 9 switch box ill use for now since i got it for free after i installed a accuair switch speed for my cousin thats what i will eventually go with

easy street gauges and body mount bushings from laidoutvideo for the front cab mounts
sfbd stainless compression fittings and braided line to connect hardline to front bags

the frame i built to meet my stock clip
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started connecting the two frames after a ton of measuring

welded then plated both sides and top and bottom prolly overkill but i plan to drive this truck alot so overkill is the only way im going

got the bottom side all welded up

and re cut the spring pockets in the inside and welded back up, still gotta cut the side once i get someone to help flip it back over
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Woooo! Looks good so far man! Subscribed
pics of previous owners front bag job i took off the truck

heres the rear set up, axle wasnt sitting square to the frame you can tell in this pic also upper bars didnt match

i decided to just start fresh and buy all new suspention
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this is gonna be awesome
thanks for the comments guys!!! i also took tons of pics so if anyone needs anything specific just ask im trying to get it drivable for camp n drag but not sure now if its going to happen. i did take the week of july 9-13 off work to get alot done but i gotta get all my parts here first.
Well i will be at c-n-d looking for it... and youve come a good ways on the truck already, looks good! DW!
and how much was that stainless line kit?
Well my buddy owns a big valve company called FloSource so he hooked me up but they are a lot cheeper than swaglok or how ever it's spelled. The braided lines he custom made to 1.5 feet with 1/2" tube ends to slide in a compression fitting but he can put any npt size or tube size on the ends. I can PM u his info if you want and he can send u a quote just let me know!
I don't know how I have never seen this truck around
GREAAT WORK!! keep posting!!
I don't know how I have never seen this truck around
i only drove it a couple times after i bought it the rear end felt to sketchy to me plus i was buying a truck to build a sfbd anyways so it went under the knife asap. i used to have a bagged red ext cab extreme i dailyed for over 5 years
where did you get that tank from?
got it at Slamology a couple weeks ago. forget whos booth it was at though. if i remember ill let you know
got it at Slamology a couple weeks ago. forget whos booth it was at though. if i remember ill let you know
the company is Illusive Design&Fabrication www.illusivefabrications.com I just checked there site out and they got alot of cool tanks. i got the 8.5 gallon one actually they have a 7 gallon too.
Got a little more work done but hard to do with work being so busy and hot out. i tig weld all day in a shop with no a/c so its hard to come home and work in the garage after ive been sweating my ass off all day.
got some more parts in starting with:
sd universal trans cross member

sd rear shock mounts

Coy c5s 20x7 & 22x9

then started working on welding up the holes the previous owner cut with a torch to run front air lines through

welded them up

then cleaned all the rust off the front clip which sucks

welded 2x2 to the frame to raise the crossmember for the gastank to match how a stock frame is, but still needs welded on

also threaded my compression fittings in front bags and put the braided line on that will connect to the hardline. i drilled holes in both rails on the inside for the braided line to come out of frame and connect to hardline that will be ran on the inside of the rails

now im waiting on more parts. ordered tires 265/30r22 and 225/35r20, energy suspention body mount bushings so i can set the cab back on and build new frame mounts, and front gas tank strap truck didnt have the bracket or strap on it when i got it just a piece of plate welded to the frame that the front of the tank sat on.
also waiting to pick up some parts from powdercoat so i can put my suspention back together and have a rolling chassis
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Looks killer man! I really like the idea of the braided line.
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