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project: one week bd

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Ive had my trucked bagged for almost a year and ive already decided to body it. this will be my first bd. gonna traditional bd my truck thanksgiving week. running 18/20 combo and gonna keep factory ac with a 225/40r18 up front. will i need to invert the fan to inside the firewall and is there a good thread with pics on how to do it? i have a sheetmetal blowerbox now that clears when laying but i will need to make a new one. also running stock upper arms and my control arm hits the coil now when layed so im gonna also have to get uppers, probably gonna run mmw flat plate uppers. i hope to have the cab and frame horns done in that week not worried about the bed cause i can drive without it. computer will be moved behind the dash and everything else is staying under the hood, hopefully the battery too. now i need to start gathering parts so i can have it all so what all do i need? heres what im ordering first a smaller brake booster , trailor fender for firewall, and upper control arms. whats the best/easiest to mod brake booster? i wont be running abs also. if anyone has some good threads on bd with ac let me know lol ive been looking at all the good ones showing how and where to cut and all that

here she is bagged

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I used the factory prop. valve on my truck. Good luck with the body drop, and you got some good lookin wheels
Looks good man, We are timing you, this thing should be done a week from yesterday lol
That's where plating the body mounts would have come in to play. They are way more rigid than the flimsy sheet metal.
Cut it loose jack it back up measure twice and weld it out completely

I got a question about this. The pic you posted, i couldnt really tell what you were welding. Are you basicly welding the .125 metal to the cab, and then welding the cab floor to the.125 metal?
I have slams now, Ive never drove on them, but i did run conitechs 2600s. They were a great riding bag, and if i dont like the slams i will be going back to conitechs. I just thought i would give slams a try after all the good stuff ive read about them on here
Do you have a pic of the filler plates you used behind the front cab mounts? That place is really giving me some hell with my build. Its simple to make, but im scared my weather striping will not fit back on when i do it the way i have planned.
I think the stock spindles pull the wheels in a little.
Ben Osborne (buddies garage) might have one like that. Im thinking i seen one at his place the last time i was there.
Get low has a really good deal for sale now on here. He is selling the elevel kit with switch speed for 1000 bucks. they usually go for like 15-1600
Dang man that looks great, I think ive seen that bumper before also. Glad it went to a good home
Looking great man, i love those rockstars! I wish i would have kept mine and finished it. Keep up the good work!
1 - 16 of 767 Posts
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