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project: one week bd

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Ive had my trucked bagged for almost a year and ive already decided to body it. this will be my first bd. gonna traditional bd my truck thanksgiving week. running 18/20 combo and gonna keep factory ac with a 225/40r18 up front. will i need to invert the fan to inside the firewall and is there a good thread with pics on how to do it? i have a sheetmetal blowerbox now that clears when laying but i will need to make a new one. also running stock upper arms and my control arm hits the coil now when layed so im gonna also have to get uppers, probably gonna run mmw flat plate uppers. i hope to have the cab and frame horns done in that week not worried about the bed cause i can drive without it. computer will be moved behind the dash and everything else is staying under the hood, hopefully the battery too. now i need to start gathering parts so i can have it all so what all do i need? heres what im ordering first a smaller brake booster , trailor fender for firewall, and upper control arms. whats the best/easiest to mod brake booster? i wont be running abs also. if anyone has some good threads on bd with ac let me know lol ive been looking at all the good ones showing how and where to cut and all that

here she is bagged

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I modded my stock blower motor for ac but never got it finished. The 350 sat too far forward for me to fit the condenser in front of the radiator. You will definitely need aftermarket upper arms mine just bearly hits with a 225/40/18 tire on drop spindles with SD uppers.
probably not the 3/4 dosent bother me that bad.

and in other news looks like im gonna have more time to do this since my work is having 3 non production weeks in nov
If you slide the cab back your wheel tubs won't need to be as big it will also give you more clearance for the blower box.
Make sure you start a project thread when you start this it will be cool to watch the progress. I think its do able if you have a few people that are mechanically inclined and have a good idea of what they are doing.
The frame has a 1/4" difference where it's welded together that might be why you have that gap. When I dropped my cab I used spacers under the bar I dropped my cab onto so that it wasn't sloped when I welded it back together.
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