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project: one week bd

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Ive had my trucked bagged for almost a year and ive already decided to body it. this will be my first bd. gonna traditional bd my truck thanksgiving week. running 18/20 combo and gonna keep factory ac with a 225/40r18 up front. will i need to invert the fan to inside the firewall and is there a good thread with pics on how to do it? i have a sheetmetal blowerbox now that clears when laying but i will need to make a new one. also running stock upper arms and my control arm hits the coil now when layed so im gonna also have to get uppers, probably gonna run mmw flat plate uppers. i hope to have the cab and frame horns done in that week not worried about the bed cause i can drive without it. computer will be moved behind the dash and everything else is staying under the hood, hopefully the battery too. now i need to start gathering parts so i can have it all so what all do i need? heres what im ordering first a smaller brake booster , trailor fender for firewall, and upper control arms. whats the best/easiest to mod brake booster? i wont be running abs also. if anyone has some good threads on bd with ac let me know lol ive been looking at all the good ones showing how and where to cut and all that

here she is bagged

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cant wait to see this stepside bodied on the 20's in the rear. Ive wanted a stepside bed for mine for the longest time. Do Work bro
the headlights and turns were on ebay for like 50 bucks. the bed im hoping i wont have to do much too because the upper floor is a false floor and the lower is for storage. i should be able to cut the lower floor out and make spacers for the upper floor. im hoping the bed tubs will clear and all that so i wont have to redo it
heres a pic for reference
thats cool as hell man
^^ thats what this thread is for
also might be wanting to trade my stepside bed for a fleetside bed it has metl step shavers and roll pan also raised bed floor with spray in liner.
why you gotta be all the way in Fl man? smh
If you do all that shit in one day, set up a camera and take a time lapse of it, itd be pretty fawkin cool. if not that, make sure you take plenty of pics!
this.. that be so cool!!!
If you were closer I'd buy your stepside bed. Save myself some trouble of doing mine when I decide to.
X2. Ive wanted a stepside bed for mine for a while now but never run into a good one
woot for progress.. and dayuum those billets look noice!!! cant wait to see this thing on rockers! :tup:
as far as the wheel sensors can i remove them?
mine are removed. no problems here :D
i have the ss8's on the rear of mine and they ride real nice. IMO for the price difference its worth it bro
This thing done and draggin rocker yet?
Screw you "the dirt blows". All i see right now is 12" off snow on the ground lol. You got way more months to Do Work then I do. 30* right now in CT how is it in FL bro?
Although i have a shop and you dont, its not heated so Im on partial lay off from my truck for now haha :( :tdown: :rant:
idk how you can even see a tire in that pic Jordan :lol: for those of who are blind as F***
@Whitelowereddime. See I was telling you the other night, you cant get away with running stock spindles and 22's under stock hood :(
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and this is why you label plugs with painters tape buddy :) Doe!
also another question for the factory porp valve. the front port goes to the back line and the back is for the front lines?
diggin that color red man
Red or Yellow Optima, or Deka Intimadators are great batterys if you have the money
Go drag this thing
this sure turned into one long week :haha:
How long did it take to get your computer done and did you use wait4me or who? Need to send mine out to get the security crap removed. And help appreciated!
call Jesse at wait4me. Hannah is lazy IMO and she never returned my calls. Jesse was great with me tho. I got my pcm in a weeks times and at that time I was getting really close to my emissions due date and having an issue with a Devious customs fuel cell that didn't seal well at the fuel pump assembly (which gave me a CEL for evap leak)
I talked to Jesse a couple times, hammered out what upgrades I was looking for and he got it done and shipped to me before I ended up late for emissions.
And you don't have to send them your stock pcm they send you a used one tuned. That way if you ever need to send it to them for more upgrades or repairs you're not truck down for a week/two cuz you don't have a computer.
Ended up paying $160 shipped and free retunes for life :D
no idea what the problem is lol but how did u make your odometer lights blue. that's dope man
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