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project "NAOMI" w/ help from "Fiction Fabrication"

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Seeing how nobody posts in this section anymore i thought it'd be the perfect spot for my juiced s10.
I purchased the truck back in March after it bounced through many different owners, none of which were able to correct this trucks main flaw, it would start and then die. I had heard stories told of the truck and how frustrated all of it's previous owners had been.
Like i said i purchased it back in march, for around 1k. It's a 2000 w/ a 4.3 automatic trans and only has 80,000 miles. It came with the 18/20 boyd coddington turbines and w/ all of these good things, came a huge list of problems including; horrible wiring problems, unsafe 4-link, lots of leaks in the juice. When i got the truck back to my house i saw right away how serious the wiring was in this truck. With no dash it was pretty easy. The truck seemed to have a passlock issue. After doing some research i realized how bad passlock problems are. And by how it sounded it would be very expensive to fix. I got into contact with a tech at my local chevy dealer and he was kind enough to come look at it. He made a list of possible parts that would need to be changed. When he saw the ignition wiring he laughed. The truck appeared to have had a dozen different alarms and the wires had so many splices in them. Long story short we replaced the ignition switch, lock cylinder, lock cylinder housing, and BCM. None of these changed anything. I tried every relearn procedure known to man and it did nothing. After more research i learned of a place called wait4meperformance.com that does PCM modifications. I contacted them and was told that they could simply delete the passlock from it, even better was that they could remove all evap monitors giving me the ability to run my MSD fuel pump without setting a check engine light, and no more stock sending unit. After receiving my new PCM i plugged it in and the truck started right up! I was so thrilled, a huge victory! if only i known of the PCM trick before replacing all of that other stuff. So now the plan for this truck is to
-redo the link setup
-get a bed and hood for it
-clean up the engine bay a bit
-gather a complete interior for it
-get a stereo
-make into a clean daily driver
Here was the condition when i received it (im not into pink all that much)

after many hours of scraping w/ paint remover.

after it started running i wanted to take it to summer madness to cruise around the campgrounds and drag the shit out of it. so i threw down a new color real quick for the show

after summer madness we began starting the new link setup
here are a couple pics of the new wishbone by Fiction Fabrication, it's not done yet but getting there.

and here's a autocad drawing of the new lower link bars

I snagged my wife's smoothed and painted black dash temporarily seeing as she wasn't using it anyways. We're SFBD'n her 98 sonoma on 20's right now, be on the lookout for the thread in the bodydroppin' it section real soon also by Fiction Fabrication. I've recently been driving the truck to work since i only work like 3 miles away from home.

I have picked up a bed for this thing but it's in pretty bad shape as im sure Fiction Fabrication will tell you when he reads this sentence.
Also this weekend i picked up a K&N intake off craigslist for 80 bucks with everything, and i picked up all new a pillars, b pillars, sill plates, kick panels, and back wall plastic thing for 75 bucks. Ill post up a pick when i get it all put on.

Here's a random pic of my driveway just for the hell of it, i know how everyone here love's pictures even if they are pointless.
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I knew you would have something to say, if i didn't think that guy with the blue ext cab parts truck would want a fortune i'd hit him up but he thinks that truck is a gold mine or something. the F'd up bed should work, it'll need alot of work but hey the whole truck does.
oh ya that would be nice lol, i'm starting to think this thread should be in the members projects section because there's not a whole lot of info about juice that's going into this project.
haha yes i guess her name is I MOAN backwards, never looked at it that way.
Fiction Fab, yes juicin' it just might be dead, kinda sucks but it happens, how do i move a thread? or do moderators have to do that? if so could someone move this thing to members projects please?
so after work last night i decided to test fit this K&N intake i bought. After a couple measurements i realized that this intake would be even taller than the existing one that came on the truck. My dreams of a hood are slowly slipping away i can feel it. The truck was way over bd'd in the first place by a previous owner. I'd say around 4" traditional bd. So this makes not only the interior a challenge but also being able to run a hood thats not either, hacked to shit, or cowled to the moon. Idk what i'm going to do for a hood, but it's not exactly #1 on my list either. Heres a pic of the huge new intake.

After getting the intake setting there it became obvious that the abs will have to leave for good, and i think it would looks odd that the power steering filler is way up with the intake. I will have to do something about that. The intake was missing some hardware to completely install so i will get what i need tomorrow and get it on for good.
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Running a cowl hood doesn't really bother me. The motor mounts are stock so I could drop the motor down a bit. And I know I don't really want to start redoing the bd. I'll most likely get a sonoma hood cowled the way I want and roll it like that. Or just detail te shit out of the motor and run no hood.
Ya, the truck bounced around through about 5 owners before i got it and none of them really took care of it. It makes me feel pretty good when i can take something that is in as bad of shape as this and turn it around. This week has been kinda slow with updates because my trans went out in my full-size and it is getting rebuilt today and possibly going back in tonight. I have to drive it 80 miles to a show on saturday. So any extra money from this week went towards that. Damn show trucks, guess that happens when trying to fund 3 projects at once. But sunday the truck is going to my good friend Chris's house for the following,
- Redo backwall
- shave 3rd brakelight
- Fix misc dents
- smooth interior plastics
- spray in turquoise sealer
I would like to figure out what the hell im doing about a hood still. I feel it'll never look right with no hood but i cant decide if i want one bad enough to just cut a giant hole to clear the shit poking through or if i want to have a giant cowl made.
i decided to take the dime to a show this weekend since my full size was out of commission temporarily. got a pic of it. now that the trans is back in my full size i can hopefully get this thing to body work this week. im anxious to get the stereo in this thing. Going to run 1 rockford T2 15" powered by a rockford power series 1500.1
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its got two 12 LED's in the back window. i plan to keep it with no bed for a long while. i am however going to put a hood on it. just going to cut a stock sonoma hood and rock it like that. as long as i spend alot of time measuring and make the cuts clean and fit around protruding items tightly i dont think it will look too bad.
it's been slow on the dime, been working on my fullsize and gathering parts for the wife's sonoma. and we got hit with a hard month of rain and i didn't want the truck setting outside in the rain during bodywork. hopefully i can get it there soon. and when you gonna get my shit cut out fiction fab?
Well no progress lately except i bought metal for my links. And Fiction Fabrication has moved into it's own building! if you need anything from; link bars, watt's links, fuel cells, backhalfs, body drops, or any sheet metal work done let me know.

Fiction: We have metal now so i am waiting on you!

420s: front wheels are 18" and rears are 20"

Jimhrabe: thanks, it's been just sitting in my garage.
lower tacked together @ Fiction Fabrication!
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@ tuckinlugs: someone would have to make one hell of an offer to get these wheels.

@ disphit: updates have been slow sorry for that, shop is quite full with our other projects at the moment, but naomi will get her turn too.
Well, for the most part the truck has been sitting. Got a wild hair to pull the rear cylinders and have them rebuilt with added seals so they'd stop leaking. And swapped the coil springs hoping to soften the ride in the rear. Also got a set of SD budget control arms, the lowers with no bag plate as we will be making them to run the cylinders. Uppers are in and lowers should be here any day. After the front is redone here's the list.
- aluminum radiator
- electric fan
- sound deadner the inside.
- swap my wifes painted dash for a stock one i have
- begin stereo install 2 rockford T2 12's with a power series 1500.1
- and perhaps attempt to cram a hood on it.

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thanks for updating for me fiction fab. cant wait to see everything back from powder today. then the fun stuff can begin!
Well got some stuff done this weekend. next is to redo all the 4 link tabs and then assemble all the pieces. Here's a couple pics.

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nope as far as i know its been in california it's whole life
started assembly last night should have her finished up today. here is a couple crappy pics. ill have good ones tomorrow or friday for sure tho.

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Well it was a long week but finally got the truck all together. Took her for a drive and she did great.

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