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Project: living up to my plate

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Well I've had my license plate for 5 diffrent trucks now, all lowered but never bagged well this time I've decided to live up to it to its fullist, so now my bagging project begins, only help i will have is from my 110 lb girlfriend of 3 yrs..so here we go, ill be doin the full lrd 6 link with bolt in notches, dom 26s in rear 25s up front sd cups, viair 480 3/8 line and 8 3/8 smc valves blah blah

Il update this as much as possible
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This is the way she sat before the build, dropped it 4/5 in july put some xtremes on it color matched the grille handles ect, added some clears
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2 days old, well for me, picked up the xtremes for it but was way to high and just not clean looking
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started this past weekend, all the electrical off, grounds, tailgate, unbolted the bed

Front end ripped down

Off with the bed

My gf helped me, she was hurting after, in that pic she just looked at my truck and said holy sh!t, your nuts lol..
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looks like a good start man.

Best investment, 300 lb cordless impact, thing is the balls, don't mind the socket on it, i cut it up to get an o2 sensor off then welded it back up, still works
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Thanks guys, looking forward to this, first truck I'm bagging, i bought one years ago with the front bagged already and it was a mess, so this is technical my first build, but I'm always working on something so I'm more then comfortable with this

Got the leafs off, raised member in, relocated the canister, started moving the hangers forward and bolted on the axle brackets

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That's it for this weekend, think i got a good jump on it for 2 days by myself without hacking anything to get it done quick, ill keep this updated
thats one clean ride to start with, almost nothing looks bad. keep the pics comin!
Cant wait to see it laid out.

GF's look towards your truck apart is great.
Ya there's some surface rust on it but its from nh so i was actually expecting to see worse,
My gf loves to help me on diffrent projects, lowering trucks rebuilding dirtbike motors etc, but when i took the bed off with her she got over welled just looking at the frame, she still thinks I'm nuts.

Wagon project, did you ever decide on what wheels your goin with

Been raining here for 2 days now so i won't be touching it for a bit plus i have electrical classes at night right now the east up my time
I like the thread title...sounds familiar lol.
Yup i followed your thread for ever..ill give you some credit towards my project name lol

Ss10 are easy lol
Just question, do i have to dehump my lowers so my dom 25s won't rub them, have gotten an answer on here yet, i know to grind down the edges of my lower cups and all but don't no about the lcas
GF's look towards your truck apart is great.
everyone here probly knows that kinda look TOO well! lol

EDIT, no you dont have to dehump your lowers.
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