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Project-Jimmy GT

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HI all, been away from here for too long. Lots O good schtuff.
Anyway, finally getting back to making right an old project, my Jimmy GT.
Orignally started in 2010, and thought I had it right, it kinda blew up in my face.

The motor has been in the "family" since 1984. Originally was in my in-laws Chevy 2500 van. After the van died, the motor and tranny(700r4) made its way into a 1986 S-10 X-cab. After the frame had rotted out, I managed to scrounge up the Jimmy body you see above.

Didnt really do anything to the motor and thats what got me. So having sat for a while now, the GT now looks like this

Sad, sad, sad

Right now the original 350 is prepped to go the machine shop for cleaning and a bore job with new pistons. A new crank and cam will round that out. Transmission is also getting reworked.
The interior is going to remain stock except for the Z-24 buckets and console. And a dash fix too.
Will leave the Z-28 wheels in place, those get a bead blasting to take them down to the aluminum. Those will left with a satin finish and the center of the spoke painted to match the body.

For paint, the plan is for GM Stealth gray

or GM Twilight Blue

Hopefully more very soon.
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A little bit of an update. Stripped and painted the frame a few weeks back. Got the transmission back over the weekend. And the block is at the machine now after two other tries. Both my other blocks were cracked :(

So, should all go well, it'll be build time next weekend !
Ah the joys of a vacation ! Managed to get moocho lots done to the Jimmy this last week. New mounts located and welded up. Motor dropped in. Will get all the pics posted up this evening so everyone can have visuals ;)
I was about to say- pics would speak louder!
Awesome, a 2wd first gen 2dr blazer! Looks pretty clean, should be nice. I think you're a couple years off on the motor if those are original heads tho. You might want to switch those out if you wanna rev over 4 grand.
Awesome, a 2wd first gen 2dr blazer! Looks pretty clean, should be nice. ...

Test fitting for the new plates

Good manifolds

New motor

Motor in

Custom hood

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A few different ways I thought ablout customizing. Going with a Monsoon knock-off (see attached graphic) or do my own version of a Tempest ST. Both were proto builds, one by GMC and the other from a hot-rod mag back around 1990. Both would be fun and fairly easy.


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looks pretty cool i'm looking forward to more.
Front clip setting in place

Sectioning the core support
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A little more done tonight. Grabbed a mid 90's starter from a Vortex 5.7 . These are smaller and have the gear reduction setup in them. This fit right up in the hole. Also back when I picked up the manifolds Im using, I got the forward portion of the exhaust to get the brackets and the pipe hookups

since no one makes an afordable exhaust system, I am going to piece my system together with straight pipe and angled pieces from the parts store. This way I can piece it together easily, mark, cut and spot weld it before final assembly. I will get picks as I go and the part numbers. Going to use a Thrush dual in/dual out muffler.
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Went scrounging at the junkyard this morning and picked up a stock tail pipe from the stock muffler to end. Will use this to pattern my twin tips out with. Also found a perfect debris screen that goes under the windshield wipers and the then the fun fun follow-on interior project, an overhead console from a newer blazer.
Lookin good. I also have a newer overhead console that I'm gonna put in my 94 2 door blazer. I'll be watching this thread to see how your gonna wire and mount it. Good luck
See attached....
Decided to go with my original plan for badging. So its Jimmy GT definately.
For wheels, I am using a set of 91 Firebird wheels. Will fill in the embossed lettering and then will probally plasti-dip them in the graphite color they offer.


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More work done tonight. As you can see in the pic, tight fit with the flex fan, radiator and the accessories. Will use a piece of 1.5" angle aluminum for the top bracket on the radiator. A smaller box will enclose the perimeter of the radiator to make a box shroud.

A little bit of a beauty shot minus the hood

And with the WIP hood in place
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For those interested, I can post up my CAD drawing of the plates I had made for the Jimmy.


CAD'd up and 3D printed my glove-box door emblem. I tend to like the Grand Am GT emblem better.


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Picked up the Jimmy GT body decals last night, all I can say is COOL ! A shout-out to Mitch Hanson at Fish Creek Graphics for the excellent work. Now all I need to do is finish it...if it will quit raining !
looking good, I'm assuming it was originally a 4.3 TBI?

also what are you doing for the differences b/w the two, when i was planning my 350SS theme i was just gonna get a truck ecm and tbi unit a) for the injectors and b) so i could open it up a little and not touch my stock one in case i ever needed a spare
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