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Hey guys just wanted to see your feedback on my project and in the works plans. Here goes.......

ENGINE-(2.2L with a few internal mods)
Turbo(Garret AIResearch T3) (11psi)
Custom tubular exhaust manifold
Air to air Intercooler
Custom sheetmetal intake manifold
Vortech FMU
Paxton inline fuel pump
MSD digital ignition
STS power pulleys
Centerforce stage 2 clutch
B&M short throw shifter
Posi rear

SUSPENSION-2/3 drop,Beltch 2" spindles,3"blocks,Custom Koni coil over set up,Hotchkis sway bars and mono-leafs,Energy suspension urathane bushings

Ahhhhhhhhh Satisfying!!!
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HOLY CRAP, you're now one of my idols.....hopping up the 2.2, wow...

I'm planning to run mine on nitrous when I get some money, and get my rims, and get some other stuff done to it.....and the bolt ons...and the centerforce cluth/pressure plate/throwout bearing......after I get this **** done, and you get yours done...wanna race??? Could be kinda even

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