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Project: BodiedonRockstars

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I have a 2000 2.2 5 speed ext cab been bagged for 5 years was my daily til a couple weeks ago... Now I'm getting ready to body it finally
Goin with a traditional maybe custom backhalf. Here's a few pics so far

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No turning back now, lol. I want to do this with my blazer so bad.
Not bad progress for a total of 4 days so far gotta cut the frame horns still then start welding the cab but imma enjoy the rest of my labor day at the beach. Til next weekend

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Yea it's nice actually havin time to do it now that I got a daily driver
Im trying my best to fight the urge to body my truck, and this thread is not helping any lol
Lol to be honest man so far it's nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be.. Of course though I haven't started on my clutch setup yet either so..
Jus do it you'll feel a lot better lol
jesus that it, already.. ok now you've got me Jelly too man. I might have to jump on the bandwagon in the spring and this thread will be the reason
Lol do it imma try an have my cab fully done by middle to end of October, that's fully welded, tubbed, fat mat through out,F250 headlights, pretty much drivable then imma start the bed
Anybody ever heard one of these on a truck? Cause this may be my next purchase
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i think you may have linked the wrong pic
wth is that?

Exhaust tip.... Lol

Seriously op?
It might sound diff cause it's a motorcycle exhaust but we'll jus have to see.. It would look nasty comin out the front step on my bed
If you do that I'll come to your house and cut it off
41 - 60 of 531 Posts
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