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Project: Blazed5Spd

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I hope I don't get flamed for posting a big backlog, but if I'm gona do a project thread I want to tell the history of the truck, to show how far it's come.

I bought the truck in march 2007 when I was a senior in high school, I bought it bone stock off a dealer lot (back in Boston where I'm originally from) it was a trade in it had about 64,000 miles and I bought it for $4500.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it stock but this was the first "look" I had. 2" lift shackles, with stock size bfgoodrich radial t/a's, custom y-pipe back 2 1/2" exhaust. (Lou's custom exhaust ss signature series muffler). Street Scene Mirrors. East Coast Customs roll pan.

Used to have two 15" Boston Acoustic Subs

And the gayest interior lights ever, yup, proof this was high school.

Stock motor mounts always felt sloppy changing them was one of the first major wrenching jobs I did.

And tranny

Messing around with egr restrictors and blockoffs back in the day.

2" Lift springs in the front to even it out with the back.

I loved these tires, great tires. 31x10.50 Yoko Geolander Ats

Feeling like a boss, mini monster truck.

Still had my mass plates in cali for so long lol.

Rancho rs5000 shocks all around.

Brazilian/real euro taillights were all the rage on this forum back in the day.

Big day rolling 100k.

Working a summer job back in mass. I ended up making a 7.5 aluminum diff cover instead of 8.5 by accident, smh, dumbass. Custom Balljoint spacers, Flaming rivered the lower steering shaft.

I had to do so much research to figure out I could just use a jeep nv3500 kit and swap out the shaft, Hurst Short Throw.

Used a mustang shift stick boot adapter with some sliced lengthwise black tubing. Stock blazer boot.

I was so pumped about this mod, still in love with it.

Changing the rear diff fluid

Then one day... everything changed....

Picked up the cast 91-92 17x9.5 sawblades off craigslist for $200 Picked up 4 brand new falken 275 40 17's for a 100 a corner.
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Whoah! Plot twist!

3" Djm drop springs with 3" djm drop blocks, belltech nitro drop shocks all around. JTR set back plates. 4 degree pinion angle shims, tranny spacer. Pulled a leaf.

And she's down


Exhaust kept on shake rattle and rolling, so I had it cut and dumped before the axle.

Axle was hitting the frame so I notched it, still one of the most fear inducing mods I've ever done myself. But it bolted up great on both sides.

Quick ratio monte "Z" box and upper flaming river joint

Installing the upper flaming river u-joint.

We have clearance clarence.

Upgraded to the bigger rear sway bar from belltech.

New tank and pump for $200, still goin strong, knock on wood. Putting the tank back up by yourself is a BITCH. Get those bolts started, pussy.

Stock radiator queefed out.

Brand new oem replacement leather wheel for $80 shipped.
Tried to link the site but it looks like there not around anymore.http://shop.warehousesalvage.net/NE...VANNA-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-220856061356.htm

Wrenched slipped digging out the power steering bracket, to trim a/c mount off.

Fiberglass hood mocked up the night I got it.

I got into a fender bender so the stock hood was toast but before I scrapped it I cut the hinges off to help mount my hood pins.

Front pin mounting

HHR E-Fan with top secret shroud angle, it's different now.

After almost 2 years I got really really sick of the sawblades, and they were heavy. Decided to change things up with some of the lightest corvette wheels, C5's little did I know these wheels are actually so thin that were prone to cracking with the oem runflats that's why they changed the design in later years.

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One of my best point and shoot shots with the C5's, out in santa monica, note the GM mark of excellence placement, serendipitous.

Frame peekin' This is the spot where I've done 90% of my wrenching. Unfortunately I've never had a garage or a driveway that wasn't on a dangerous angle for jacking, so my work is relegated to the curbside.

Like I said stock hood was toast from an acky, fiberglass hood was just too ghetto fab, and I would always be worrying about theft. By the grace of god I found this hood. Carbon fiber Sonoma for $200, what I like about it is it blends in and just looks black a lot of the time (night&shade) and for a composite hood the fitment is wildly decent.

In the sun she shines doh

Parking space when I'm up at my aunt & uncles aka the wrenching location. Gota send a huge shout out to my uncle Dave for letting me use his tools ALOT.

Here we go with the bolt in abs delete you may have seen, it's still working great.

Being originally a new england truck my abs was so rotted out then when I would pull into a parking lot or go over bumps coming up to a stop light I would get the pile of rocks under the pedal sensation and the abs would click on for no reason. It was only a matter of time before it got me into an accident.

So I did this.

Sigh...and the battery relocation where it SHOULD go, inside of the rear axle suspension node not outside...

Tray mounted wired and grommeted 0 gauge ftw.

Stock size battery fit but I eventually downsized to something lighter power xs 680, cranks the motor over fine, I don't run a crazy stereo subs or extra lights.

I know I know, you never go full boy racer, but eff it, I wanted too. Stock sliders bolted right up...phew.

I totally dig it. And the buckles bolted right up.

I wish they didn't say anything on the seats, but I got a deal on them cuz I know a friend of a friend who works at NRG, (artcentermiata)
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Ok here we go with the good stuff.

I was all ready to do qa1's then moon listed strong arms for sale in the suspension section, I pulled the trigger and never looked back. Single adjustables with 850 spring, this is how they come out of the box.

Putting the catch ring on without scratching anything was hectic.

All assembled.

When ridetech does the hq rear shocks they flip the orientation so you can reach the adjustment knobs.

Sexy Bitch.

The talked about upper spring perch material you have to trim for clearance.

In this pic it looks like its still close but the hole is actually far above the spring.
Yes I actually stuck an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel on it up into the spring pocket. Luckily by now I was a magician with that grinder.

Going back together.

Giving you a better idea of how it mounts.

Finito, with the shorty endlinks. Setup on half stiffness 12 clicks for break in period per ridetech instructions.
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Tmrw will be picks from a little photoshoot with the new C6 wheels, and an update about the projects I've been up too recently, frame braces, bigger brakes, panhard bar, energy suspension body mounts and an aluminum dizzy.
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Looks good man. Ive always had a soft spot for 2 door blazers. You sir, are doing it right.
Man, serious changes to this shoebox... Nice project Dood. Subd.

After living in Marblehead for 20 years, sort of familiar with nasty Beantown winter weather. It's a total bonus you moved to Cali... no rust activity there.
Your truck might last a few more minutes without any rust. :haha:
I'm glad you had the change of heart. it looked good in the air, but it looks much better on the ground with the way you're going with it. any LS plans in the future?

also, why the tank change? Cali absurd safeties???

and great score on the carbon hood.

love the truck all around. sub'd
I have a feeling if I had a Blazer it would look exactly like this. I love it. Do you plan on autocrossing it?

Oh, and good thing you actually read the instructions on the coilovers. I found that out the hard way, lol.
That looks sweet! Love the background story. It's cool to see someone who has owned one of these for so long keep holding onto it and modding it.

Edit: I bought a set of Yokohama AT-S's for my blazer in April. By far, the best set of tires I have ever had.
Wow thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it, this truck is the love of my life and I never plan on selling it. I will be trying to pop my head into your threads and show just as much support.

Mad Max: ya it's funny all the rust on my truck from new england is now like frozen in time, mummified. Every now and then when I get I frozen bolt I just curse those winters.

Svmcgover: Thanks, yes eventually it would be my dream to drop in an LS1 but still being a student the funds right now are a joke. Plus it's my daily so no time to take it out of commission. The way I see it I'm building up the rest of the truck first with suspension, brakes, and chassis stiffening, then I'll be able to handle v8 power properly when I eventually have the loot.

JustanSS: I'm so pissed I just found your project thread like 2 days ago! My first autocross event is set for the first week of feb.! I just have to buy a helmet. It's all good we are men so reading instructions is against our religion. I wish you had a better experience, Brett is the man.

Thanks Tyler, ya out of all the tires on the market they have the best pattern for daily street use, but still have a ton of beef for venturing, and I love how they look, they remind me of the old 4x4 tires that used to come stock on the c/k trucks I loved those tires as a kid.
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Ok here we go with the pic whoring/ photoshoot with the new wheels.

This is at the top of Angeles crest highway overlooking LA.

Just officially submitted my application for trucking throwdown 2015 with these pics! No v8 but eh, wish me luck!

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Stop making me think I shouldn't have raised this blazer after lowering it...lol.
Nice blazer man, I still have that drop stuff you sold me awhile back.
Woah, this thing is sick. Nice work, man!
Looks great with the C6 wheels, can't go wrong with them. If they still have the runflats on them I'd recommend swapping those out. The ride and traction will suck. It's good to see your still rockin' a 4.3. Like you I'd love an LS but it's really just out of the budget right now. At least yours is a 5 speed though.
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