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well, i have been on the forum for awhile and never started a project thread so i guess here it is.

First off i DO NOT like to cut corners or half ass anything, if i do it just bugs me until i do it right.

OK, I bought my 2000 GMC Sonoma 2.2L 5 speed Ext. cab 3 years ago for $7,000 and it was worth every penny. now this is my daily driver, but i treat it as if it was my show truck which i guess is a good thing. i plan on keeping this truck for as long as possible! the first day i cleaned EVERYTHING and found $5 in the jump seats, i gave it a good detail, inspected the frame, engine compartment, everything.

what has been done.

-polished headlights back to factory shine.
-LED light bar
-LED license plate lights
-2/4 Belltech drop
-Silverstar bulbs (HI/Low)

-Polished stock shifter to a mirror shine
-12" blue cold cathodes under the dash
-5X LED dome light
-Power washed carpet back to factory color
-20% tint all around
-Blue LED gauge lights

Crossfire CFA-402
MTX 5500 Series 15"
Pioneer 5900 IB Deck
2.41³ft. box with false floor.

Engine Compartment
-Polished ECU
-Polished A/C accumulator
-Polish ABS controller
-Cold air intake
-Complete engine tuneup

-Flowmaster original 40 series
-Magnaflow high flow cat

here is when i first got it.

it was in very excellent condition, only a dent by the rear bumper.

pic of said dent.

well anyways after awhile and after hours searching the forum i decided to drop my truck. i really wanted a 3/4 but the springs didnt drop me 1" but 2" and caused horrible tire rub and having new tires (less than 500 miles) i didnt want to mess them up so i kept the 2/4 and loved it.

parts used.

cutting the bump stop brackets off

I grinded everything nice and smooth.

quick spray of black paint to prevent rust, also my way of getting the axle to line up with the block.....hey it works lol.

after getting those bump stop brackets out it knocked alot of dust out.

after measuring everything and making sure everything was spot on, pinion angle good, i was done!

no "chevy lean" for me, i guess its because i have a GMC :cool: :haha:
driver's side front

passenger side front.

Gotta watch for those steep driveways.

all done! for now...

well enough of me chatting here are some more pics in no chronological order.....yes i am a pic whore.

Sub box with false floor


My polished ECU
BEFORE (accumulator is polished)

After (still need to touch up a few spots)

LED Gauges

Pioneer deck

Interior lighting

LED license plate lights
stock bulb left, led right.

yup, the plate is visible alright.

LED dome light

OK now fast forward to today and how my truck looks like now. yeah not much change on the outside.

soon to come is some real SS mirrors from summit, they should be in today so i took my door panels off in preparation.

not only did i take the door panels off, but i also cleaned them with armor all since they were dusty (first time taking them off). Even though you will never see it i still would like them to be clean underneath.

now I am going to get the mirrors painted but first i need to go to a couple of shops to get a quote on paint. if its over $120 or so then i will roll with black mirrors for awhile, either way they are 100X better than those DUMBO ears my truck has now.

Pic just for fun, 4th of July i put a smoke grenade in my bed and had a buddy take pics.

So that is my truck as of today and what i have done to it, im very proud of owning my truck and will keep modifying and adding things to it.


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I got my mirrors in :D

Installation took an hour mostly because my window bug deflector was under the mirror's base, a dremel with a cutoff wheel took care of that, now you cant even tell i cut the bug deflector.

I also went to get an estimate for painting them (at the dealership) Pewter and turned out to be about $50 or so. Im not in any rush so i guess i can roll with black mirrors for a month or two more.

Best part is now the wind doesnt blow in my face at all when i have the windows down, with the Dumbo ears i could never enjoy having my windows down, unless i folded the mirrors down.

So here are the pics

Excuse my truck, i work at night so i got bugs all over the windshield.


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i've already copied your truck with the tint, now i'm gonna have to steal your idea and cut the ventshade so it doesn't go under the mirror, the only thing your truck needs is some nice rims, it's so clean

nice work

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NUUUuu sealing my ideas :twak::haha:

here is a pic of how it looks, the ventshades were installed by the previous owner so they are a tiny bit off. (hardly noticeable) so the cuts were different on each side. the driver's side mirror needs to come up a 1/16" though for it to be perfect. i might just go outside to fix that because its bugging me but its really not a big deal. its still 100% better than having them go over the vent shades.

driver side

passenger side

well since the last pics i took wasnt so clean i got some new ones after a good wash.


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Small update

Small update, nothing big but i re-sanded down the ECU. last time i only had 800 grit with me and after polishing with a dremel it still had tiny scratches. this time i wet sanded with 1500 grit and it took care of that.

2 hours later and here is the finished product....almost. I still need to take the ECU out so i can polish the backside of it too, but for now its good enough.

I have to get some pics in the sunlight but these will do for now.

like i said small update, right now im mostly detailing the crap out of it. im not sure what im going to do next, if you guys have any ideas post them up :)

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clean truck, bag it for the next project
Im debating if i should bag it or not, if its done right i wont have very many problems but as of now im lacking the money for it and im still thinking why should i? i know it will be fun but im not sure what my actual plans for this truck is going to be. what i do know is i want it to be a showroom detailed/clean truck but at the same time be a daily which i know those 2 dont go together very well.

Sometime in the future im planning on getting an envoy bumper, painted door handles and mirrors, fresh paint, billet grille, and a good set of 18" rims and thats pretty much all the visual add ons i will get unless i decide on something else. Interior is a different story and i have yet to decide what to do. I have ideas but they are not set in stone.

did you ever get that dent fixed in the bed of the truck?. . .some asshole put a dent like that in mine a couple years back, i've just been too cheap to fix mine. . .
nope, for the 3.5 years i had this truck the dent is still there, sometime i am going to get it fixed but its not on top of my priority list, but first i need to get a quote to see how much it even is, then i will decide how soon i will get it fixed.

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I will do a HOW-TO sometime but i have an update!!.....sorta :haha:

my flex pipe finally gave out, the connection between the flex pipe and flange was loose and was leaking and rattling so i went to get a new one installed (kept the old one too).

the new one i have is the redesigned one with the flex joint down by the starter. that was $150 i wasnt expecting to pay so there goes my plans on getting STS pulleys this week :(. i could get them anyways but this project is going to be slow and steady.

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Ya, id like to know how to polich out my ecu, thats a super nice looking addition
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