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I had a little time to get into the garage tonight, so I ended up pulling the welder out and finally getting the 2nd lower mount welded onto the core support. I was pretty pleased with myself when the radiator dropped right in, and has a nice consistent gap across the bottom. Hard to see in the pictures though. Still quite a bit of work to be done to have it completed, but I knock out what I can when I can.
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I did some mocking up of the headlights as well. Did a lot of head scratching and going to have to think hard about how I'm going to pull this off without it looking like complete doodoo. My plan as of now is to try to use as much as the stock headlight mount as I can, using those adjusters and mounting the Morimoto headlights fixed into place. Here's some mockup pictures, I put a bunch of insulation below them to hold them into place. Good news is I don't think any modifications are needed to the core support to make this happen. With how curved the light is, I'm thinking I'm going to need some kind of PVC pipe or similar cut at the right angle so it doesn't look like the headlights are just sitting behind some holes in the lense.
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