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Air Lift Bags...

A couple of things....

Although you do have the rollpates on the bags... If you purchased the bags six months ago chances are you have the "old" fabric. We have made a change to the bags that all the bags are now much stronger. The bags are also much thicker, if you grab the side of your bag and you can squeeze it very easy then you definitely have the old bags. If you grab the side and it feels firm then you know you have the second gen..

Kind of like grabbing a boob without and implant and grabbing one with a nice set of implants.... :) Which one would you rather play with??? If you have not experienced this stop working on your truck for a few days and visit your local strip club!!! LOL

Anyway we have also changed the way the bag is laid up during the construction process. Without getting into technical terms the new bags will not take a "set" like the old ones do because the bags are laid up much tighter.

In regards to the design of your rear suspension system any bag no matter if it is a Firestone, Slam Specialty and or Air Lift will work much better mounted with the end plates parallel. It looks like your pictures are at ride height so when the rear suspension is aired up the mounting plates are at an extreme opposite angle.

Chances are even though the bags look like that, they may never fail. We do some extreme testing in the range of well over a 2 million cycles in an extreme "off" angle situation and have yet failed a bag.

If you are still not sure and have or have further questions please feel free to give me a call direct and I will make sure that you are satisfied with our product. In fact if you want some GenII 2B7's for you new cantilever project give me a call I will hook you up with a set. I will be out all next week for the holidays but give me a call after that :)

Sorry for the long post and I hope this answers all your questions.

Thanks again..

EasyStreet Program Manager
1-800-248-0892 ext. 249
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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