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Oh give it a rest. Dont be getting all upset because the bags got bent out of shape, look at how they are used! They obviously cant be centered completely straight throughtout the range of motion so some deviation from the original shape can def be expected. The firestones didnt do that, but these have been in twice as long as the stones.

BTW I have a set of Firestones at the shop that look just like that. They werent even in a lever setup either! They were installed by another shop over the axle, but the brackets werent completely centered and ended up being a hair too far back. It didnt affect the setup but sure enough, when I took it apart the bags were twisted and slanted liek that.

So I wouldnt be denouncing AirLifts bags just yet.

(BTW I dont even like airlift bags, they claim their 2b6ext bags to have a longer stroke than a firestone 255c but they both have the same stroke, and it caused me a bunch of greif and long hours on an install. They do look nicer tho.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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