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Pro-Touring Blazer

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I've been posting around here sporadically for many years, but haven't posted much of my own projects as I always had a project thread going elsewhere. But this truck has been my major project for the last 10 years or so and it was in pieces for the last 6. Just got it together again with a 5.3, T56, and many other parts I've dreamed about over the years. Hit the road back in December and put about 11,000 miles on the truck over 6 weeks. Still lots I'd love to do, but it was great to have it on the road again.

Sitting in the PO's driveway in all her dealer pinstriped stock height glory

Fast forward to Carlisle All Trucks many years ago

And just before I tore her down for this latest round

A year ago I was staring at this

And boom this happened

By boom I mean nearly 12 months of wrestling those last details together

Stopped by the National Corvette Museum on my drive out of Michigan for a quick picture.

I was working at the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant when I bought the truck back in 2006 and coincidentally 3 parts of my Blazer ended up coming from 2006 Corvettes, so it was surreal to just happen to be driving by on the maiden voyage.

Here's the Blazer in my Bowling Green apartment parking lot not long after I bought her.

Now for the gratuitous scenery

I don't have any great pictures of the finished interior or underhood, but these will give you an idea. They both look really clean in person, so I feel like these pictures don't do the truck justice.

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this was a pleasant surprise to come upon. Super clean build man, bonus is that your from michigan (same here, just relocated when I was a kid many years ago to the Cincy area.
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