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i know u need a puller to pull out the pulley, but i was able to just pull it straight out with my hands. i am replacing the pump this weekend, but my question is, when i put the new one in, what do i need to do to put the pulley in the new pump (and make it stay in correctly)

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A 3/8 bolt, nut and a large washer. Place the pulley on the pump
stem as far and as evenly as you can. I use a bit of grease
on the stem to help the pulley along. Once you get it started
straight, you take the bolt, thread the nut onto it then place
the washer on the bolt. Screw the bolt all the way into the
threaded section on the pumps stem until it bottoms out.
I use a bit of anti seize on the threads to allow for it to be
removed more easily..

Now with the washer flat against the pulley nub, take a
wrench and start running the nut down against the washer.
Keep tightening the nut while holding the bolt with another
9/16 wrench and watch as the nut/washer assy presses
the pulley onto the pump stem.

Keep going until the pulley is lined up with the other pulleys
remove the bolt/nut/washer tool you made up & you're done..

The pump's stem is tapered slighty which will hold the pulley
onto the pump. That's why it can be a bitch to remove and
re-install the pulley in some cases. Well it's either the pump's
stem or the pulley hub which is tapered. I haven't ck'ed to
see which one it is..
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