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Power steering pump

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I got a power steering pump for my 91 4.3 and the metal return line that is on back of the pump gets in the way of the bracket that mounts to the back of the pump and attaches to the exhaust.

After going to all of the parts stores I found they all have the same pump. So I looked up one that would have gone on my 89 Formula and the tube is out of the way.

I checked all mounts and everything lines up, I can’t see why there would be any difference.

Anyone offer any reason I shouldn’t go this route?
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You'll need to find out what the operating psi is on the Pontiac pump before installing it.
Chevy's run around 1,200-1,300 psi.
So you'd want it to be there or near that psi.

No sure on Pontiacs, but guessing they're around 1,000 psi ?

Me personally, I'd mount and try it. If it's sluggish at idle, it needs more psi. there's info online how to increase a pump's psi. If it's touchy/jerky at operating speed, it's over pressured.
Just because I'd do it, doesn't mean you should.
Thanx shade tree, I’ll research this.
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