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Hello. Just bought a 2000 chevrolet s10. I removed the passenger door panel to change the speaker and when I tried to remove the bigger of the two connectors to the power lock and windows it was completely stuck. Because of that I ended upp cutting the wires. After changing the speaker and soldering the wires back together I thought I'd try the power lock and windows again. Windows work just fine from both driver side and passenger side but I can't get the power lock to work. Nothing happens when I try to lock or unlock on either door.
I have tried the 15 amp fuse on position 14 but that didn't change anyting.
There were two connectors on the switch, one small with only two pins. What is that for?
And also, what should I try next? I am all run out of ideas and extremely frustrated.

Please help me!
PS. If there were something that didn't make sense in what i wrote please ask. That may be because i live in Sweden and english isn't my main language.

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I'd like to congratulate you on your English. It's way better than at least 50% of the Americans who post their first question on here. Most use talk to text or just didn't take any English courses in school. No caps, no punctuation, horrible spelling, etc. And none take the time to proof read what they post.
Good job.
As far as your wiring issue, once wires have been cut it gets hard to diagnose the problem long distance. Sorry.
For future reference sometimes those connectors that are possibly exposed to weather are assembled with a hot glue type sealant. 30 seconds with a heat gun and they come apart easily. You usually need to reheat them to re-assemble them.
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