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post your rides

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Lets see what everyone is driving and workin on
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In my sig. nothing much cosmetically but modded, new suspension, steering, trans and tons of little things. 2/3 drop to come
Got a crew a couple months back. It's my daily until my Blazer is done for next summer.

Current state of my Blazer..

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I want to do what youre doing with a pickup. trying to find a 4.3 with a blown motor and do a 5.7 swap.
What kind of rims you got on that Blazer?

And this is mine. Trying to get it on the road, some new wheels, and a 4" or 5" drop.

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98 s10 with supercharged lsx390

And my daily, 2014 Lexus IS350 F-sport

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What kind of rims you got on that Blazer?
They were Corvette Rallys, but got some 18's in trade of a 4" cowl and sold the rallys.
No one else lives around here? :haha:

I've seen a few nice S-10's and Blazers around.
Where's 'around here'? :p

I have a local-ish club for S10's if anyone wants to join.
South Shore Mass. I can't login to FB. What area is the club from?
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