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Post Your pics of Your Rides

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Post up some pics of your Rides people . Especially EZMOUSE put that digital camera to good use .
My Blazer Before Bodywork and Black Epoxy Paint

My Blazer just out of the Paint booth

My 1977 Datsun 620 4spd

L20B 112Hp

My 1962 Chevy Bel-Air Pro Street
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mini truck w/ smallblock = sweet. caddy lights = nice.

unfortunately for myself, a certain culture in these parts has ruined any appeal that body kits might add to a vehicle. . . they somehow manage to fock up a perfectly good car/truck with their shit.
Dude we have had this talk before!!! You are not supposed to talk about me and my kind like that anymore!!!!:haha: :nono: :phil:
With that motor in your truck that body kit is no prob with me!!!!
Selling the Datsun on craigslist $1,200 .
what condition is that datsun in ( mechanically)?
I don't meen to knock anything I just don't want to deal with smog issue's.
OK if you insist.
Here are pics of my not so special rides.
03 Impala

01 F150

This one is my favorite

These pics are the vehicle that is making me $50,000 in extracurricular income this year.

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Albeit I do not own this truck anymore it is something i built and someday hope to purchase back.

Call me if your interested JAY!!!
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those and the stepsides are bad asss.
The big rig is not mine we rent it and it's driver to haul beehives from spokane washington.
The Glory Days. HA HA. What a Crack Head.
I should have pics within the next few days of the Blazer with its new shoes. Looks good.
Oh yeah emptypockets i'm gonna post a link to that video of you driving the Camaro.
:bowdown: :worship:
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