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This will mostly be a compilation of S10forum.com links. Informative threads will be linked here as they arise. I gladly welcome any input for the FAQ thread. Please feel free to send me a private message with any link suggestions.

Please check out the following links prior to posting in the Sound and Security Forum here at S10forum.com. Hopefully these links will provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Please feel free to begin a new thread if you have any questions based on the links found herein.

Car Audio Basics
--CT’s killer car audio info page
--NEW! Looking For a Car Audio Glossary? NEW!
--NEW! Car Audio Forum’s “Definitive Guide to Tutoraials” NEW!
--NEW! JL Audio’s Tutorials NEW!
--NEW! MuddyS10's FAQs NEW!
--NEW! Installer.com Tech Pages NEW!

General Audio
--Tips to avoid getting jacked
--Choosing dampening (pics, links, and prices)
--What makes u a bass head? (a must read)
--Topic: My compilation of dumb installs!!!
--Termpro.com Technical Archives
--The most complete master list of bargain online stores!!!!!!!!
--Tempe’s up-and-coming car audio tutorials
--Misconceptions and fairytales in car audio
--NEW! The feeling in your stomach NEW!
--NEW! Create your ideal system for $500 or less NEW!
--NEW! Reducing Your Volume At Stoplights and Residential Areas... NEW!
--NEW! A quick story for you all... NEW!

Favorite CD’s / Program Material
--The best song to Street BUMP to!!!
--BEST SQ songs...... start a list
--kan3’s FREE test tone downloads
--NEW! Post your favorite song for blowin up the subs NEW!

Power/Ground Cable, Fuses, Etc.
--Explains how to and why you MUST fuse all power cables
--NEW! Safety First: Disconnect your ground! NEW!
--NEW! Need help with grounding? NEW!
--Tempe's novel on capacitors
--Solving Engine/Alternator Whine (Scroll half-way down)
--knukonceptz.com--Nice website for buying good wire and accessories at low prices
--Make Your Own Audiophile Quality RCA Patch Cables...DIY & Save $$$
--NEW! Good debate on grounding issues NEW!
--NEW! Welding cable vs Name brand NEW!
--NEW! Running the Power Wire Through the Antenna Grommet NEW!
--NEW! RCAs + power wire = old wives tale NEW!

Head Units
--S10forum.com Head Unit FAQs
--NEW! Stock record player in the 1956 Chrysler NEW!
--NEW! Modding stock CD player to turn on amps NEW!
--NEW! Head unit removal/installation resources NEW!

--NEW! Amplifier FAQ NEW!
--Setting Amplifier Gains, Made Easy! No O-Scope Needed :)
--Tempe’s Amplifier Installation Tutorial Recently Updated!
--NEW! Richard Clark’s famous amp challenge NEW!
--NEW! Article explaining the differences in amplifier classes NEW!
--NEW! A question on Input Sensitivity NEW!

--DIY vs. pre-made component sets
--Q&A about coaxial speakers vs. component speakers
--Crossover Calculator from Select Products
--NEW! For all wanting to know polarity of stock speaker wiring... NEW!
--NEW! Post Pictures of Your Tweeter Install!!! NEW!
--NEW! Are you looking to create your own component speaker set? NEW!
--NEW! Great article explaining why you do not need rear speakers NEW!
--NEW! How Do Speakers Work? NEW!

Subwoofers and Enclosures
--WinISD Pro, an incredible FREE box building calculation program
--Tempe’s WinISD Pro Parameter Files
--Box Building for Dummies
--Adire Audio’s article explaining why larger drivers don’t lack quality over smaller drivers
--Wall Tutorial
--Attention Regular-Cab Owners: Post pix of your enclosure!!!
--Attention Extended-Cab Owners: Post pix of your enclosure!!!
--NEW! Thread explaining why bass is louder with the windows down NEW!
--NEW! Digital Designs explains ported enclosures NEW!
--NEW! Carpet Alternatives?? NEW!
--NEW! Ported and sealed???? NEW!
--NEW! Wall O'Subs??? Postem!!! NEW!

Working with ‘glass and Other Fabrication Topics
--Very informative thread about Fiberglass by Mabeita from Termrpro
--Very informative thread about Plexiglass by Mabeita from Termrpro
--Fiberglass HOW TO...
--94sonoma’s Fiberglass Tutorial
--Fiberglass tutorial (hihoslva from Termpro)
--NEW! 93ex’s Fiberglass tips.. NEW!


For further reading, I suggest you check out my Car Audio Bible. I hope I was able to overwhelm you with information! Thanks to those who posted all of those links in Beeker’s thread. Those contributions make this FAQ all the better!!! Enjoy

Last updated May 20, 2004
First update June 16, 2003
Originally composed March 2, 2003
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