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Hi Everyone,

I'm actually over from a full size chevy forum (own a '88 F/S chevy) but my father has a '99 GMC S15 and his power window quit today. I removed the motor from the truck today and it was a NIGHTMARE!!! The regulator and the motor are riveted in, and it appears, unless I shave the heads off some bolts and weld them to the regulator (due to clearance from the geared swinging arm so close to the rivet heads) I won't be able to get the new motor back in!

Someone who has replaced a motor please tell me - am I making too much of this? Are you supposed to replace the entire regulator assembly when the motor quits? It almost seems that way from the way the assembly's made. I use rivets quite a bit, but these mothers are BIG! Much bigger than the 3/16th my gun uses.

ANYONE who has changed their own window motor PLEASE give me some insight!!

Thank you,

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