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Pistons in a 2.2...

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Are the pistons in a 1997 2.2 different from the pistons in a 1999 2.2 ??

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The four pistons used in the 2.2L are, from left to right, the 2724 with the wide pin boss (‘90-’91), the 2727 with the narrow pin boss, thicker head and higher compression height (1992-’93), the 2728 with a slightly smaller dish (1994-’97) and the 1998-’99 OEM version with the shallow dish.

Quad Pistons
There have been four different pistons used in this engine: From 1990-’91, the original piston was a Mahle 2724. It had the wide pin boss for the wide rod.

1992-‘93: Both the piston and rod were changed in 1992. The pin bosses on the Mahle 2727 were moved 3.0 mm closer together so the small end of the rod was narrowed by about 0.120".

The compression height was increased by 0.1mm, and the crown of the piston was thicker to accommodate the 15% increase in horsepower.

1994-‘97: The piston was modified again in 1994. The Mahle 2728 had a slightly smaller bowl (19.4 cc vs 21.8 cc) that increased the compression ratio for the new roller cam engine, and it weighed 16 grams less (312 grams vs 328 grams) which helped reduce NVH.

This revised, full round piston was replaced by an even lighter, slipper skirt design in late 1994 or early 1995.

1998-‘99: The 1998 piston had a smaller dish, only .075" deep, to go with the new heart-shaped chamber.
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Would having the 1999 pistons in a 1997 cause it to run rough ??
And thank that deffinetly helped shed some light on it..
I don't think that you can swap 99 pistons into a 97. The heads on the 2 motors are completely different. In '98 chevy dropped a vortec head onto the 2.2 potentially changing everything that interacts with the top end.

If the wrist pins are in the same location and the pistons themselves are the same diameter with the same sized rings then you should be able to use them. I'm willing to bet that the wrist pin is in a different location though.

Why do you want to use a set of 99 pistons in a 97 engine?

Also, Rockauto has the following information listed for 2.2L pistons.

for the 97: SEALED POWER Part # H637CP
for the 99: SEALED POWER Part # H851CP

As a side note, the diameter of the wrist pin holes in each of these pistons is different.
Its not that i want use them its just the only thing that I haven't messed with from my original post
this should help :)
I just wanted to know if 01 2.2 piston will fit on a 98 2.2 moter
11 year old post, might want to start a new thread so it gets some traction
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