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97 S-10
Custom home made front brackets
1/2 line
3/8 in valves
9 gallon tank
Purple and Grey Tweed interior (purple is now all vinyl)
I just got my seats made from a 60/40 to two buckets and removed the hear rests, and got them tweeded, and vinyl inserts, they look bad i should have pics soon, PS2, 6.5 in monitor, 4 ten inch cadence z10's, cadence z6000 amp, candece custom molded dash pods aimed at the windshield towards the center--and driver. custom carpet that is tweed covered. ummmmmmmmmm lots lots more goint on this winter, i will have pictures of everything soon, got a few now tho.

check them out an let me konw what you think..........oh yea i fiberglassed teh gauges into the driver side door.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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