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Pictures and steps on how to cut the bumpstop brackets off.

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well first start with a thin grinding disk. dont get it thick. thinner is better in this case ;) use saftey glasses also a hooded jacket because the sparks hits your hair/neck and stings. this way your eyes are fine and a hooded jacket protects most of your neck



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yes. you have nothing to worry about ive done this on man s10s no problems. i did blksonomas truck last weekend.
looks like this thred helped a lot of people by seeing how many visits it got

I would defenately say so. Looks like many got some useful info out of this thread.
i did a sonoma last night 6 inch drop in back no notch. rides perfect. he has the toxic shocks from summit. i like these better than the doetsch. they dont let the back bottom out either
this could be the answer

to my bottoming out woes, i guess the good ole bilsteins arent short enough to handle a 6" drop. but then again i will be bagging my truck within the next 6 months so maybe ill be able to put up with it, and ill have to notch anyway i think
Ok guys, I've read this post a couple of times but I'm still unsure. I drive a Blazer X and will be using 3" springs up front (Whenever they are off backorder from Summit, ****ing *******s!) and 3" blocks in the rear. I don't exactly want to cut my bumpstops off unless it is absolutely necessary. Even with a piece of rubber on the frame I am a little leary consider the 200-300lbs worth of stereo equipment I have back there. I would much rather deal with a bumpy ride. Is it a necessity that I cut them off or could I get by even if I have to buy different shocks for the back. Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it.
the blazer xs are different you have to just trim the top we did that on ours and its fine even with 5 guys in the back weighing 200 each
all the trucks i hvae done wiht a 5 inch drop or 6 sat on bumpstops. you cut them off they go down more becasue the bumsptops was holding them up

on the blazer x with a 4 inch block it was sitting ont the bumpstops a lot. by shavign the top off it sits one inch lower in back, but still sits on bumpstops but not that bad
cut them off a lot better ride
should u cut them with a 3" rear drop?
I didnt have any problems until I got to 4" I did trim down the rubber a little bit. (pointy end)
Speaking of 3/4 drops, does anyone have a pic of one. Thats what im gunna put on mine and juss curious what it will look like.

just bringin this back up if anyone needs it
i like the old guy in the wheel chair with the big bottle lol
ok i've read this a couple of times but i'm a lil nervous about cutting the back bumps off the frame espessially if it doesnt help.....i have a 00 xtreme with a 3" drop in back with blocks if i cut the bumps completely off will i be safe with the stock shocks?! i want my factory ride back but i dont wanna smash the axle and frame together...THANKS!
you will be fine. just bend the brake line that sits on top of teh axle toward the back a llittle. i do that on all the trucks. because on mine the evap tank came down and cut the line, if you bend it forward its no prob
41 - 60 of 66 Posts
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