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Pictures and steps on how to cut the bumpstop brackets off.

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well first start with a thin grinding disk. dont get it thick. thinner is better in this case ;) use saftey glasses also a hooded jacket because the sparks hits your hair/neck and stings. this way your eyes are fine and a hooded jacket protects most of your neck



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im cuttin mine off tonight so hopefully it goes well..im gonna use your pics as a guide and they seam pretty damn good so thanks a bunch man. ill let u know how it goes
got the driver side one off tonight... thank god u put those pics up here they helped a lot... it was a lil tougher than i thought but oh well....do the other side tomorrow
thanks man
got the passenger side off......kicks ass.. no more bang noises when i hit bumps.... really appreciated the pics man...thanks again
1 - 3 of 66 Posts
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