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Pictures and steps on how to cut the bumpstop brackets off.

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well first start with a thin grinding disk. dont get it thick. thinner is better in this case ;) use saftey glasses also a hooded jacket because the sparks hits your hair/neck and stings. this way your eyes are fine and a hooded jacket protects most of your neck



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ok i've read this a couple of times but i'm a lil nervous about cutting the back bumps off the frame espessially if it doesnt help.....i have a 00 xtreme with a 3" drop in back with blocks if i cut the bumps completely off will i be safe with the stock shocks?! i want my factory ride back but i dont wanna smash the axle and frame together...THANKS!
i dont mean to sound like a dumbass but which line is that the one that is mounted to the top or the one that tees?....and bend it forward?
maybe you have a pic in your archieve?
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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