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pics of completed truck, possibly 4/sale

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I've actually had this thing for about 3 years, and just got it painted and finished about 4 months ago. Since then it has probably had a total of about 1000 miles put on it...I have 2 other vehicles, and rarely drive it. I have decided, since my rx7's take so much of my time and money, to possibly sell this truck. All it needs is bagged and v8'd to be bad as hell. If I were to sell it, I'd be looking in the $5 grand range. IF anyone is interested, drop me a line at [email protected] or call 423-748-7977.

Here are some pics.
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Nice, i'm looking for a nice 1st gen. to autocross but i've never seriously looked into them before. i was always looking at old school golfs and S-10s. I need to kno more about the motors (what sizes which is fastest). Do u know where i can learn about them?
So if i were to get a first gen. and wanted to do a swap the 13B EFI would be the easiest?
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