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Hey All !

Just trying to get an idea on what the ground celarence on a 3/4 and a 5/6 drop would look like. I don't have the cash for bags so this will have to do for now. Any pics of your rides would be great!!

This my daily ride so I don't want to bash the s**t out of it by going too low if there is such a thing.....lol!!

Fiend Out


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you can see a pic of my ride on my website


It's a 3/4 drop. The front springs has settled a little and so it's a little lower than the one on the top pic. I will be placing 2 12" and a big 5^3 ft box in the extra cab soon so it will probably go a little lower.

Belltech spindles and 1" coils in front and Chassis tech 4" blocks in back. I will be swapping out for leafs when I have money. I have a little vibration when taking off from a stop. I'll probably go another inch lower for an even stance. Just depends if I want the front to go lower too.:bah:

anyway hope that helped.
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