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1996 LS 2.2L 5 speed
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Sold my previous daily (2010 Ford Taurus SEL 223k) and picked up this 2003 2 door LS Blazer 4.3 auto in one of my favorite GM colors, Light Pewter Metallic. Originally sold in NC, sold to a guy in SC, will die in TN.

Pros: 92k miles on the blazer (131k difference), only had to make up 450$ price difference, I now have a 4wd vehicle, I love this car, it does what I need it to (I fish competitions and some of these places are way out in the middle of nowhere and TN can get nasty weather), I am familiar with the platform, only minor rust, Ill be able to tow a drift boat when I get one, interior is almost mint.

Cons: Had to buy tires (went with Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT based on recommendation from a friend), had to replace front driveshaft, had to replace balljoints, small rust spot on hood (rusted through), the paint has seen better days, the black trim needs to be repainted, intermittent airbag light, and a broken defrost vent.

Outstanding: Alignment, new serpentine belt, replace all rubber components (dry rot), new LEDs for gauge cluster, new battery and alternator, divider for center console, new roof rack, new headlights and taillights, new hood, new wipers, weathertech floor mats, trunk storage solution, brush guard, new paint, lift (advice- only looking for 2-4" to be able to fit larger wheels and tires), sway bars, speakers and head unit, seat covers, and tint.

Recommendations on anything that I should do to help keep her running in tip top shape (aside from fluid changes); are there any know problems that can be prevented easily?

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