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Whats up Minnesota Guys! LOL

Going to finally undertake the Bag Job over the winter, so I'm going to start compiling all the parts and fun stuff over the next 2-3 months in preparation. Before I go out and buy it all, I figured I'd check and see if any of you fine Gents has anything lying around that's still in decent shape you wanna get rid of.......

Some of you have seen my truck around but its a blacked out 89 Ext Cab, reg box. I literally have nothing as of yet, so ANYTHING may be useful to me.

Because mine is one of the cleanest body 1st Gens I've seen....I'm going to keep it that way. So Im not doing a body drop. I literally just want FBSS, laying frame (or close to it) and I'm going to weld some skid plates underneath to drag without dragging body panels. I don't want it to hop so I don't need juiced up valves or a high pressure system.....I just want to be able to move it when I need to move it.

So I'm thinking 3/8valves all around (or 1/2 up, 3/8 dump).....haven't decided on doing 2 tanks or 1 big one as of yet....going to do 2 Comps.

anyone got anything that might be of use to me they wanna sell? Reply or PM Me!

Thanks y'all!
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