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I have been on and off of the board for many years. I at one time had a s10 but I had to sell it when times got hard anyhow back to the question at hand.

I have read up and learned that the struts that are on my daily tend to give out and become very expensive to repair so I am looking to replace my 1993 Cadillac Deville's air suspension, since I have the money to do so now. I have the usual McPherson Strut setup which comes on the 93 Deville. I would like to go ahead and replace the suspension ASAP with aftermarket struts for the front and bags in the rear. Which apparently is the norm for a aftermarket set up for the make/model.

Here is a current set-up someone is running on layitlow.com:
8- 1/2 valves
2- 1/2 HP DC 5000
2- Front Struts
2- Rear Bags
1- 5G Chrome Tank
4- Switches mounted to Gauges

The word is that he really only has enough to air up and really no play time. So I would like to upgrade pieces.
I plan on buying everything from SD.com since the last 4-5 years I have heard nothing but great things about Jason. So I would like to get a list of absolutely everything he can supply me with to complete my set up.
I am looking to do some FBSS but other then some freedom to play around with the corners and just lay out at a stop light I could care less so long as it works very efficiently for a daily driver. So I guess I dont really need 16 switches if it cost a huge difference.......

Also I have been watching Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel and have seen them pour a liquid (Methyl Hydrate ?) into the air lines to unfreeze the lines when its its obviously cold as ****. So I am assuming I can do the same with a water trap installed? Is this necessary since I have had no problems with my stock air setup? Since this is my daily I was thinking about running steel lines instead of the norm....whats the damage to the wallet by upgrading to the steel lines?

Thanks for all the Help


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Im sure it gets cold up there by you but I think on that show they are in -35 degree weather, its not that cold by you.

For the steel lines, im not sure but I dont think you would have a problem using normal air line.

For more "play time" get another tank and that should keep enough pressure to play with in the system.
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