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Parking brake emergency release

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I went to fill up with gas, and the parking brake release cable snapped when I went to release it. Trucks a 5-speed so I use the brake while parked. 310k miles so I guess the cable had a lot of wear on it.

It’s stuck on, should I look at getting a tow truck? Is there a way to release the ebrake manually down by the pedal?
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It sounds like the cable is seized Where did the cable snap? You might see if this approach will help.
Was working until today, used it as usual and it snapped right here:
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Tire

Also ended up snapping the handle off yanking on apparently after the cable broke there:
Tire Automotive tire Tread Wood Synthetic rubber

I can’t see a release in here:
Automotive tire Bumper Wood Hood Vehicle door

Found this under the driver side of the truck, I loosen this nut and I’m good?:
Automotive tire Hood Tread Tire Vehicle

Also I forgot to specify, it’s a 97 S10 SS.
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It’s ok I just stuck my hand up and into the mechanism and felt for a tab, pulled it and it released the brake. Couldn’t see what I was aiming for but it worked out without my fingers getting pinched or anything.
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