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hello everybody....i'm new here. i'm sure that not ALL this info is relevant for the question, but i'm giving it to you just in case. i have a 1988 4.3V6 s-10 blazer tahoe 2WD (with 330k+ miles, i might add).

the problem i'm having is that i put a new oxygen sensor on, but it is not having any effect. (evidenced by the fact that i still fail emissions violently and the "service engine soon" light comes on once the engine heats up. i bought an engine scanner, and it's giving me one code - 13 - which means the oxygen sensor).

i believe that the signal is not reaching all the way from the sensor to the computer (i.e., cut or corroded wire, loose terminal somewhere). i have traced the wire from the muffler up to the large bundle of wires under the hood, but it seems impossible to follow after that. can anyone tell me where it ends up so i can do a continuity test, and jumper over it, if necessary?

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