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Orange County S10/S15/Sonoma gathering

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Looking to potentially get some people together from the OC area together for a meet and greet. I am a long time member of a tight knit group of Mazda Miata guys and a big reason our car community is so successful with parts classifieds and car project support is a lot of us have familiarized ourselves with different people, rides, engineering ideas, custom fabrication, fun driving routes, different taste and ideas, and just generally making friends and bullshitting in parking lots about our money pit projects.

I'd like to invite anyone in a reasonable driving radius to roll call here and try to revive the mini truck culture in southern California. I see so many S-series pickups and SUVs modified in various ways, the occasional wave or nod from other drivers, so I know you're all out there.

Additionally I work with a team that hosts occasional Speedventures Autocross events at Auto Club Speedway (aka ACS) in Fontana, which is a lot of fun and it would be cool to get some of our meaty mini trucks out there to carve some cones and maybe even kill a couple. For anyone in the track driving scene, or even vaguely interested I'd welcome you to check out one of these events and with enough of a following we can create a club event out of it.
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