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on today's episode of story of my life, I make bad discissions and break lots of stuff.

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as the title says, I did some dumb stuff. I was off roading at a park near me, and took a drop-off too hard, bending my rim and de-beading my tire. I put my spare on, and in my haste to go air it up more at the front of the park, I forgot to torque my lug nuts. I know, I'm stupid, I take full responsibility for my actions. Well, after airing up, I decided to go home since I no longer had a spare. About a quarter mile down the road, my wheel fell off. Luckily no one else was around, and I wasn't going very fast, so was able to stop without difficulty. during my wheel's escape, I lost all five lug nuts (found two) and damaged two studs. I took a lug nut from a back wheel and put the wheel back on, only using the three good studs. I then drove home at 25 miles per hour, in case it fell off again. (on empty back roads)
The problem is that when I went to put my wheel back on, I noticed a large amount of play between what I think are the center drag link and the tie rod. In an effort to make sure that my truck is as safe as it can be, I have decided that I will replace most of the steering system; both tie rods, center link, and pitman arm.
Now that you know the situation, here's the actual question: What else do I need to replace? and the secondary questions are: 1: are the tie rod assemblies the same for the driver and passenger side? there doesn't seem to be any differentiation on Rockauto, but I thought I should make sure. 2: Are there two pitman arms? I have had trouble finding a good diagram online, but the one I found for a Corvette makes it look as if there are. 3: Is it possible that I ruined the wheel hub? I know I need new studs and lug nuts, but what about the hub?
I thank all of you very much for your help, I am deeply in your debt.
-the idiot of the day
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never mind to most of those questions. I spent the day working on it and researching stuff, and have discovered that there are not two pitman arms, one is an idler arm. also the tie rods are the same, and the wheel hub is not damaged, just the studs. I will be replacing at least the studs tomorrow, and going to look at some new wheels from facebook.
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