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i need a new gas tank (i think mine has a hole and i wanna put a blazer tank behind all my 4 link shizzle, fo mo room)... i heard you can use a blazer tank and its sending unit... but i have a 2.2 and the blazers have 4.3 or 2.8. i have a 94 2.2 s10 and i wanna use a blazer tank and put it in the rear and custom mount it. now i wanna know if this will work and what i would need... would i need one out of a 94 blazer or can i use any year? i see new ones on ebay going for 60 brand new! ones for 85-95 would these work. i need help and i am open to other cheap suggestions! i dont wanna spend more than 150... can this be done?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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