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96 S10

Im gonna run a alpine CDA 7875 head unit
1 soundstream lil wonder 2ch 100 watts total. 1 soundstream oldschool ??? 2ch 100 watts total. With a infinity basslink 10" sub(200 watt rms)

I have kappa plates in the dash and kappa 3 ways in the doors all latest models. With stock speakers in the rear of my ext cab.

How should i hook all this up???????
I would love some ideas from the crew here.

I have 3 pre amp outs...
Should i just leave the stocks in the back not hooked up or should i hook them up to the head unit?
Or can i not hook them up if i have all preamps filled will it not allow anything else in that configuration?
Hell you think i will even need the stocks anyways im sure it will be plenty loud ...

I am set on having the amps since they are so small ...going under the seats 1 under each seat and the basslink behind the driver side. I may even go with just the lil wonder but wit speakers should i have it on my doors or my ash??? ...i have no clue...
so spread the love and knowledge and hook me the fuk up

no more S10...
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yep. what he said.
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