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Oil pan question

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Going to put a 1984 350 carbed in a 2000 Sonoma. Does the oil pan need to be modified ?

Thanks for any direction
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A straight 350 will require a lot less wiring and headache than an LS. And will be just as fast. So if you don't have deep pockets, just stick with the straight 350 route. When you are ready to buy motor mounts, it makes a big difference what the original motor size was in your truck. You have to buy the ones that match your original motor. And don't let someone talk you into aluminum heads. Get cast iron. Summit makes really good cast iron heads for Chevy SB, and they are cheap. I put a forged steel crank in mine and H Beam rods so I could get some years out of it. If someone starts talking to you about EAGLE Parts, RUN!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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