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what size offset do you guys run and recomend for a set of 18's... where i was looking at wheels today that said i should go with a 0 offset... there was a set i liked with 18 offset.... and where is a good place to look for wheels... where i went the had almost no selection... like 3 or 4 wheels that would fit my s10 .. does anyone have a good website or anything ... thanks

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For those that dont understand backspacing and offset
Alot of people on here keep asking about how to measure backspaing and offset, so heres a pic i had.

The correct or should say best offset for our trucks is 0 - 4 mm offset.and the best backspace is:
4" with a 7" rim
4.5" with a 8" rim
4.75" with a 8.5" rim

feel free to add extra rim sizes and widths if you want.

EDIT! I was looking at my original post, and now realized why it is confusing some people, the offset desired will change for the width of the rim. I posted a 0-4mm offest... I should of posted this

7" --- 0 - 4mm
8" --- 4 - 10mm
8.5" --- 5 - 15mm

now these are just approximations, the wheels you chose can vary from these measurements a little and still work.

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i was also wondering about that cuz i just got finished body dropping my s 10 and its bagged with 18 inch wire wheel knockoffs reg laced and the only way i can air it out without the wheels rubbing the inside of my fender is to have the wheel turned completely strait is the offset or back spacing to big with these wheels to run them slammed
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