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--*Official PA Meet/Cruise*--

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Alright guys, Im oragnizing a cruise/drag date for all PA truckers...My plan is the first weekend in April Sat. night...I was thinking everyone could meet at the Hooters on the Carlise Pike at 5? get something to eat and then go draggin/cruisin....

Let me know ur opinions..

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id go but im only 17... lol I will go deff in the summer though... try to find a closer location to Erie, PA though. Or, how about erie, pa? We have the peninsula to cruise around on, and cops don't bust your balls around there. Also, the dock is cool to park at too. Its right on the lake so you can park, hangout, and whatever...
erie is 4-5hours from here
I'll have 2 check it out if you have another meet up...I got family in Hanover so I got a place to stay...I'd roll out and chill...
we need to stay a lil closer to home for the time being i got my shit all hacked up right now how bout a meet at my place say in 3 weeks hoping to get dave down here to help start the body drop so i tearing the interor out this week sometime and cleaning up the fram and hacking up the spring pockets and the list goes on lol. oh and ordering my link for the back i want the 4 link tri with super pivs ya know need mad side.
I can go pretty much anywhere thats not over like 3 hours away. Erie ain't too bad on cops. I don't know if I am quite ready to show off the truck yet though. I need to get the bags on, and some dragging blocks before I do any of that. Dropped spindles and lowering blocks made it real low, but not sitting on the frame haha.
im considering havin a small meet at myhouse if my dad will let me....we have a pretty big yard....i already know like 6-8 people with trucks that would come....we could have a cookout if everyone would throw down some loot or something.....anyone interested?
Just moved here to Pa from Mi, is this meet just for acrophobia guys or is anyone welcome.
Anyone can go dude. hey Dave any chance you can get your but down here soon i should have everything but the tank and compresor done soon. yeah i know its been a year and im still not bagged lol. so im a lil slow lol.
well next meet after i put the bags on the bars. ill be in to go
So does anybody know about any meets/shows in PA anytime soon?...Any kind of shows really...i just need to get out. haha
So does anybody know about any meets/shows in PA anytime soon?...Any kind of shows really...i just need to get out. haha

Happy B day old thread lol

when and where is this again.. .. mgiht be able to make this.. but with a dent in the side my truck.. freakin a.. but still...??
wow never mind.. haha.. this is an old thread.?
so I guess nobody from PA has cruise-ins anymore? whats the deal guys???
There's a cruise to the "soda jurk" in hummelstown, just outside of hershey. It's the first Saturday of the month but it from the spring to the fall. Just about everything is there. The food isn't bad but imo the music is. The dinner and the music is set to the 50's and 60's but its still fun and its cool cause lots of people do burnouts when they leave and the cops never bother anyone.
as soon as spring hits i'd like to join in... a bit of a hike from lancaster but i could probably get a few ppl together... april or may?
Id like to join in on a meet/cruise sometime as well. I don't really have many friends in the mini truck world. Living in a small town, all that run around here are either hondas or big lifted diesels. I picked up a '97 hombre a few weeks ago and hope to get my bag setup installed by spring time.
hanover is like 45min or so from me, I would like to get a meet joining on sometime come on people lets get something rollin
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