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Q: How can I post a picture?

A: Upload the picture to a server. Some popular ones are http://www.imageshack.us http://www.photobucket.com but there are many variances of these two.
You may also upload the picture to your gallery if you have one. From there, you put the following:

Q: Can I post any kind of pictures?

A: No, not ANY, images containing nudity or any sexual obscene nature are not permitted, this is known as the forums NO LIPS, NO NIPS policy.

Q: How do I change my "custom user title"?

A: Click on "UserCP". Go to "Edit Profile". Scroll down to "Custom User Title". Enter your title.

Q: What does NWS mean?

A: NWS means "Not Work Safe". another common version is "NSFW" or "Not Safe For Work."

Q: How can I get a gallery?

A: Send a private message to Forum Administrator "Avtekk" requesting a gallery, describing the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Q: Where is the s10forum shirt I ordered?

A: The shirts are not made before hand, so when you are ordering a shirt, you are "pre-ordering" that shirt. what that means is that when there have been enough orders placed, the shirts will be printed all at once. this allows for better pricing and just makes orders easier for everyone. The same goes for stickers. please just be patient. If it has been excessively long, you can private message Avtekk to find out the status of it.

Q: Why can't I edit my post anymore?

A: Editing posts is only available for 30 minutes after the original post.

Q: How can I donate to the forum?

A: http://www.s10forum.com/forum/subscriptions.php

Q: Why can't I post in the how-to forum?

A: The how-to forum is a closed area of the forum designed for viewing purposes only. If you have information that you feel is worthy of being in the how-to forum, make the thread in the corresponding part of the forum that it applies to. Then pm a moderator, forum director, or admin and the thread will be moved IF IT IS DEEMED WORTHY.

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1. Nobody gives a shit who was reading the thread or how many people were viewing when you post.

2. Don't waste your time making any more posts with that crap in it, cause they are just getting deleted.

3. 5 page threads that really should be 2 pages threads cause they have 3 pages of "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread:" posts in them are stupid.

4. The next person who posts that crap wins a 2 day vacation and -100 posts

5. Have a nice day.
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