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OEM rubber floor mat

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I guess there is no "carpet delete" RPO code for 04 S-10s, S-15s. Back in the summer of '83 I bought a new S-15 without carpet, radio, pwr anything except steering or A/C. It was a 2.8, 5 speed. It had a rubber floor mat.
Can anyone locate a GM part number (or an equivelent) for the (carpet deleted), wall to wall 1 piece black rubber floor mat for my 04 SR5?
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In the USAF body shop in NW Florida I repaired countless rusted out floor boards in all of the big three pick ups. It was the salt to an extent, the base was in Ft Walton Beach, right on the Gulf of Mexico. ALL the gov't trucks had factory wall to wall floor mats, with the blue jut on the back. For those that don't know jut looks like drier lint processed in to a mat. It shapes beautifully on iiregular floors like those found in vehicles. The reason they rested was operators. Every unit had a day or time to clean the trucks they used, this was part of operator maintenance. So the clean up was usually on a Friday and the the immediate supervisor would say "Y'all can go home as soon as you clean up the trucks!" So those stuck with the job were taught by those who had bad work habbits to HOSE OUT the truck! Well y'all know what happened.... the water got under the mat, mixed with some dirt and prolly some salt and now you got electrolysis; rusty formed in the presents of water and an electrolyte. Great big patches, loys of RTV to seal the patch to the floor with the help of rivets.
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Well I am a bit chagrinned; I figured out why Chevy didn't offer a one piece mat like they did back in (1983) the day... back then there wasn't any floor console. there was no console at all, my truck had a bench seat...
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