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OEM rubber floor mat

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I guess there is no "carpet delete" RPO code for 04 S-10s, S-15s. Back in the summer of '83 I bought a new S-15 without carpet, radio, pwr anything except steering or A/C. It was a 2.8, 5 speed. It had a rubber floor mat.
Can anyone locate a GM part number (or an equivelent) for the (carpet deleted), wall to wall 1 piece black rubber floor mat for my 04 SR5?
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Although you'd think rubber floors would be better to prevent rusting of the floors I've found just the opposite. Problem is there is no such thing as air tight flooring for our trucks. Once water gets into the pad under the rubber it has no way to evaporate so it stays permanently wet. Carpet on the other hand can breathe and will eventually dry out. Not overnight, but eventually. Especially if the truck is in the sun and the windows cracked to allow evaporation.
Best bet with either is if it gets saturated, like in a flood, is to pull the seats and hang it over a fence with the pad out.
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