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Hello....I'm a newb to the forum, but not to engines by any means.

I purchased my 4.3L '94 "W" SS with 102K on it 2 months ago. To date I have done the following:

fuel filter
K&N drop in that was in it (FREEBIE) cleaned and oiled.

Now when I'm driving on the highway, I get a CEL. I have a CPI motor with an ALDL, so I jumped the A-B terminals and the code I get is:

Lean Air/Fuel detected.

So I'm thinking perhaps the O2 sensor needs replacing.....trouble is.....I cant find any. I have a Chiltons which among other things tells me that a CPI/CMFI from 94 is OBDII.....which is a crock of shit. It seems I should have 1 single wire O2 on one side of the motor, in lieu of the 3 type setup. I get under the truck and I have inspected the entire exhaust.....cant find 1 sensor.

Anybody got any info on this?

Thanks.:rant: :eek:
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