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I have a 92 s10 with a 4.3 Auto and it’s 4x4. The trans is going out. I just picked up a low mileage NV3500 with a NP241C transfer case for dirt cheap. The manual trans and tcase is from a 93 K1500. I know the trans will bolt to the 4.3, but will the transfer case work with my manual 4x4 lever? I already put a Posi-Lok cable in it, but I still need to be able to move the tcase selector. And, will my front and rear driveshafts be the same spline? Or length? I’m not concerned with shortening or getting a new driveshaft. My 4.3 is the non balance shaft version, so what is the correct flywheel I should buy? I’m not sure if the 4.3’s are internal or external balance. Also, does anyone on here have a clutch/brake pedal assembly?
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