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not an s10 but she is my GAL

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well i dont have my s10 anymore and havnt in almost 3 years, since i snapped the frame from dragging it to much. i went and bought a g35 sedan and modded the hell out of that. then decided to demod that and thats now my daily. NOW i have a new project. ive had it for about 2 months now and have been moving right along with it. i figured i would throw a project thread up on this forum since i still frequent this forum a lot. and well im baggin it so why not.

car is a 69 galaxie. 2 door hard top. has the original 351w with 97k on it. motor will be getting pulled out and a full rebuild plus some goodies. goal is to be pushing close to 500hp when its done. for suspension i am bagging it with dom2500s up front and rear. the car wont lay frame but it will be very close. i dont want it to lay frame though.

transmission thats going in.

back aired out

accessory brackets painted

whole car aired out

cavi seats FRONT and REAR

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going to run 18x9 rears and 18x8 fronts 275/40 and 245/45

interior will have the 4 cavi seats. a full sheet metal dash with a sheet metal center console going all the way to the back.

paint color changes every 30 minutes so that will be decided when its actually time to paint it
Nice! It needs a supercharged Coyote and a 6 speed. :haha:
ahah no supercharger. going to be all motor. the car weighs 4100lbs. its not going to be a race car. even with the 500hp (estimation) its still not going to be fast. just a fun cruiser
hahaha. i like the 351
Should be pretty cool when done. I also like the buckets.
I can dig it. lol Those Windsors are decent motors too and they respond well to upgrades.

i think im going to go with these wheels. same design that elenor had in gone in 60 seconds.

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i think im going to go with these wheels. same design that elenor had in gone in 60 seconds.

X2 nice looking rims and those tri bars make all the difference.
Car looks like a cool project, and nice work.
Nice project, I love 4 door Galaxies but this is nice. x2 on the boss 336's... those tris are not doin it. lolz keep it up man... also those cavi buckets are nice
So which one will see the road first...my S10 or your Galaxie? The world may never know :haha:
i still vote galaxie
question 1 - how do you guys think the galaxie would look with one of these? i think it would look bad ass.

question 2 - does anyone know where i can find it for cheaper than that. thats way to expensive for some cloth and a metal frame

I love this man I am thinking about doing this to my 4 door bel air lol
Keep the pics coming
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